PF Impact Crusher

Impact crushers are most often used for rock crushing, be also used in the recycling industry to process hard and brittle materials of all kinds. What is important today, in addition to the quality of the end product, is environmental and cost awareness, availability and a wide field of application, Impact crusher should reach all these requirements. SBM developed PF series impact crusher and PFW series impact crusher, which are both larger and operates at a steeper incline than any other similar system, ensuring that the material is cleared quickly in high TPH applications, all while protecting the conveyor belt from damage.

PF impact crusher Benefits and advantages

  1. Chrome hammer and special impact plate;
  2. Cubical shape of final product and the output size is adjustable;
  3. Big feeding hole, high crushing chamber, applicable for crushing bulk materials of high hardness and less powder products.
  4. Gap between impact plate and flat hammer can be conveniently adjusted to effectively control outputting size. Finished product is cubic and in good shape.
  5. Compact structure, strong rigidity of machine, rotor has big inertia moment.
  6. Adoption of new rotor increases impact force.
  7. Complete crushing function, high reduction ratio, high productivity, low energy consumption and high comprehensive benefit.
  8. Non-key connection, simple structure, convenient maintenance, economical, reliable.

There are many factors affect impact crusher ability

  • the hardness of materials. The more hard material ,the more difficult crushing up , but also for the equipment wear the more serious. The broken rate is slow, of course, crushing capacity is small.
  • materials the humidity, namely material containing water is large, materials in the crusher easy adhesion, easy to transport in the blanking process of blocking, decrease crushing capacity.
  • The fineness of the material crusher, fineness requirement is high, the breaking out of the material is fine, then crushing capacity is small.
  • Composed of materials, before crushing material containing morepowder influence more broken, because these fine powder easy adhesion effect delivery. For the fine powder content should advance once sieve.
  • material viscosity.
  • The broken pieces of the crushing equipment (hammer, jaw plate) wear.

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