Mobile Crusher

Mobile crusher can be said Integrated device of crushing equipment production line, the combination of all the equipment can be moved into a crushing station. A complete mobile crushing station including:vibrating screen, crusher, belt conveyor. Depending on the driving mode, Mobile crushing plant can be divided into tire mobile crushing station and crawler mobile crushing station.

Mobile Crusher Advantage

Investment Saving

As we all know, fixed processing plant needs a lot of infrastructure construction. There is no doubt that the investment will increase significantly. However, mobile crusher doesn’t need any construction, which can save a lot of investment.

Time Saving

Infrastructure construction and installation and commissioning of equipment both need a lot of time. Time is very valuable for customers. While mobile crusher can reach the mining site and start to work right now.

Transportation Cost Saving

The environment of the mining site is very harsh. Generally speaking, fixed processing lines need to establish a series of infrastructure on a flat space. If we build a fixed crushing plant far away from the mining site, we need transport the material to the plant at first. The production cost must increases greatly. However mobile crusher can reach the mining site. As a result, it can save the transportation cost.

Labors Saving

Mobile crusher gathers feeding, crushing, screening and conveying function in ones. It is with high degree of automation. So the mobile crushing plant doesn’t need many labors.

Strong Adaptability

Unlike fixed processing line, mobile crushing plant has a strong adaptability to any harsh environment. The design concept of mobile stone crusher eliminates the constraints of crushing space and environment. It usually has two kinds, portable crusher and tracked crusher. Portable can move quickly on the road. And it can reach the mining site timely. Tracked crusher even can be used in wetlands.

Complete Functions

Mobile crusher usually equipped with crusher, vibrating feeder, belt conveyor and vibrating screen. It gathers many different functions in the plant. Of course, it can be designed according to customers’ actual requirement. Different designs can meet customers’ different production demands. It can be used alone or matched with other processing equipment.

Mobile crusher also has many other advantages. It is an ideal choice for customers with small investment and large gains.

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