450T/H Stone Crushing Production Line

Processing Flow

The raw material bulk stones are transported to the production site by the manufacturer, and are evenly fed to jaw crusher through vibrating feeder. After treatment, they are evenly fed to impact crusher, then crushed again, screened by vibrating screen, and sent back to the finished product for re-processing, which meets the requirements and is conveyed to the finished product by belt conveyor. The area is stored or transported directly to the construction site.

Custom Feedback

The size of raw materials is less than 700 mm, and the fineness of finished products is less than 40 mesh. The stone crushing equipment has a high degree of automation. Apart from the start-up, shutdown and routine maintenance, and the stone crushing equipment does not need manual operation, the stone crushing production line has a high income, and the finished stone and granular shape are good. This is in line with the requirements of national materials with uniform granularity, short investment recovery cycle, and important is in production. There is no dust and noise. In the production line, it is designed according to his requirements, materials and site conditions, which reduces a lot of cost input.

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