Advantage In Stone Crusher

Sone crusher has many multiple functions and advantage, this is the main reason of stone crusher for sale hot.Along with the increasing popular of mining project, more and more people invested in producing stone crusher machine for mining process.

Based on multiple functions can understand stone crusher working principle is so sample.

  • Firstly the machine’s leather belt and wheel are driven by the electric motor, then the movable jaw plate begins to move up and down by the eccentric shaft;
  • When the movable jaw plate moves from top to bottom, the angle between fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate becomes smaller, the material is crushed into pieces to reach the crushing target;
  • When the movable jaw plate moves from bottom to top, the angle between fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate becomes bigger, the movable jaw plate deviates from the fixed jaw plate under the function of drag rod and spring, at this moment, the crushed material is discharged from the bottom outlet of the crushing cavity.

Stone crusher with multiple functions has large production capcity and high efficiency advantage, If you want to used in cement industry, buliding and waste construction, the stone crusher may be the best choose.

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