Bauxite Production Process

With the rapid development of the global alumina industry, bauxite consumption is growing and has reached more than 160 million tons per year. With such a high demand for bauxite alumina production is becoming more difficult due to the gradual global decline of high-grade bauxite resources.

There is a growing need to develop new processes and technologies for alumina production from low-grade bauxite with lower caustic and energy consumption in order to utilize available bauxite deposits.

Low-grade bauxite processing currently includes the application of sintering process, removing silica minerals from the bauxite by using either physical or chemical processes before the Bayer process etc. As we can see that the bauxite production process is very important for the production line.

Bauxite production process

In the bauxite production process, the first step is to primary crush the raw block materials with jaw crusher. After the materials are crushed into coarse particles, they are sent into cone crusher or impact crusher for further crushing in the secondary crushing section.

In the third crushing section, the materials are crushed into fineness particles. When got the relative fine materials, they are sent into the vibrating screen to separate the unneeded materials. Through the vibrating screen, the materials enter into the grinding mill to be grinded. However, different with the most mineral materials, the bauxite needs to through the washing machine to be washed into high grade bauxite ore.

The washing machine is smaller than the sand washing machine. When got the high grade bauxite ore, they can be used to have aluminum.

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