Calcium Carbonate Mining Equipment

Calcium carbonate powder is an important material in many industries. Recently, some customers have inquired SBM about the calcium carbonate mining equipment. To our pride,
after years’ development and exploration, SBM have developed and installed a certain number of calcium carbonate mining equipment for our customers around the world, and it has got a good reputation. Typically, our calcium carbonate mining equipment mainly include the calcium carbonate powder making machine and crushers. Here we focus on more details of our calcium carbonate mining equipment, taking the two common machines for example.

Calcium Carbonate Crusher

Calcium carbonate crusher plays a great role in all types of calcium carbonate mining equipment. Typically, a calcium carbonate crusher is used to reduce the size of calcium carbonate stones. As for the calcium carbonate crusher, also called calcium carbonate rock crusher, calcium carbonate crushing equipment, it refers to the crushing machine used to make large calcium carbonate rocks into small calcium carbonate particles. Usually, PEW jaw crusher is used as the calcium carbonate crusher. Besides, integrated structure of steel casting is adopted in the bearing housing, which can guarantee a perfect cooperation with the crushing frame. Meanwhile, it greatly enhances the intensity of the axle bearing. Meanwhile, its wide range of application includes crushing hard rock, basalt, and river pebbles, etc.

Calcium Carbonate Powder Production Line

SBM can design and install a complete set of calcium carbonate powder production line, which is the combination of calcium carbonate mining equipment. Typically, our calcium carbonate powder production line consists of the conveying system, feeding device, crushing plants, grinding plants and automatic packing machinery. Nowadays, more and more quarry owners choose our calcium carbonate mining equipment, in their opinion, they think the calcium carbonate powder production line designed by SBM features high capacity, reliable performance, easy maintenance and low operation cost.

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