China River Sand Grinding Machine

Higher capital, operating costs and environmental concerns, mean river sand operations are becoming increasing marginal. The challenge is to improve, and more importantly, utilise crushing and milling technologies that provides reduced capital and operating costs whilst increasing unit efficiencies. Being the professional manufacturer from China, SBM has produced the advanced river sand grinding machine.

River sand grinding machine

In river sand processing plant, there are two distinct milling operations before the final river sand product can be packaged and sold. Initially the process is a typical crushing and screening application. The river sand is taken from the quarry face, crushed and screened down to a 40 mm to 20 mm product before being placed through a mill. Frequent breakdowns and down time may result when conventional crushing equipment are pushed beyond design capacity in an effort to increase production or to produce a finer product. Most river sand plants are designed with tight general circuit arrangement and selection of equipment that operates at its rated capacity.

The grinding mill is the single largest user of energy within the circuit. The lifting and subsequent tumbling of grinding media and the material being milled is very inefficient, requiring large power requirements. Therefore new technology must be employed to make the mill more efficient. This can be dome by improved milling techniques or by introducing a finer feed to the mill, in order to reduce the amount of work the mill has to perform.

Major benefits

The product obtained from the mill after the inclusion of SBM in the circuit has lead to a 33% increase in the capacity of the mill, from 45 tph to 60 tph. This is directly attributed to the decreased feed size and the decreased mill retention time of the feed material.

The slight increase in power consumption of the whole plant with the addition of the river sand grinding machine in the circuit was offset by a higher percentage increase in net capacity coupled with further savings from a more efficient milling operation.

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