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The granularity requirement of sand aggregate is directly related to the working efficiency of concrete crusher. Generally speaking, coarse aggregate should mainly control its particle size, gradation, grain shape, stone powder content and mud content, fine aggregate should control fineness modulus, mud content and mud content.

The influence of aggregate, which distinguish from the maximum dimension, the aggregate grading,different content of needle or plate to sand rate under different B and W/ B, has been investigate. Grain size, size distribution andacicular content as well as optimum sand percentage for coarse aggregate used for high strength and high performance concrete under the test conditions.

The rough surface of coarse aggregate is beneficial to the interface strength between cement slurry and aggregate. According to many years’experiments, on the one hand, the concrete made of pebbles has more weathered fossils, lower crushing index, smoother surface and lower interfacial strength. Therefore, the strength of concrete made of pebbles is 3-4 MPa lower than that of crushed stone concrete, which is more conducive to the efficient operation of concrete crusher.

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