Concrete Crushing Equipment Rental

Experience has proven that the key to profits in the concrete production and minerals processing industries lie in the ability to produce consistent products of high quality. SBM has manufactured various mining and construction machine for the concrete production line. The advanced machines refer to crushing equipment, grinding machine and beneficiation machine for sale, rental.

Concrete crushing equipment

As in other industries, automation plays a critical role in achieving that consistency. When a SBM concrete VSI crusher is combined with automation system, crushing load is monitored and regulated, minimizing the risk of inconsistent product. Of course this also results in greater crushing efficiency and, ultimately, improved product quality and cost-efficiency. We can provide the high quality and advanced concrete crushing equipment for rental.

However the benefits of applying the advanced automation system to the crushing process is not limited to load regulation. The concrete crushing equipment also provides improved safety features for protection of operators and the crusher. Maintenance time is reduced with the integrated automatic lubrication system. This reduces risk to the crusher from damage due to under or over greasing.

Today’s customers are looking for suppliers who focus on solutions, not just products. With this in mind, SBM has developed the automation system to provide increased flexibility and versatility, while supporting easy operation and maintenance. This allows seamless integration of your SBM VSI crusher with the rest of your SBM plant. Not only that, the concrete crusher will also integrate with site level intelligent systems using industry standard communications protocols.

VSI crusher in combination with automation system offers the ultimate in consistent, efficient and profitable crushing. SBM concrete VSI crusher features include lubrication control, crusher load monitoring and a safety system.

Features and benefits

  • Hydraulic system allows automatic uncovering, which reduces labor intense and makes maintenance easier;
  • SBM VSI crusher uses world advanced light oil anti-leakage device. This saves the trouble of changing oil seal;
  • The mainframe adopts new techniques, which strengthens the machine structure and tenacity, and ensures stable performance. The quality of the machines is lift to a higher level;
  • Better design of the impellers reduces the resistance of materials, high lightens passing through quantity of materials and crushing ratio, so the efficiency is raised by 30%~60% compared to traditional machines.

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