Cone Crusher Used Lubricating Oil Pump

Due to the various parts of cone crusher friction surface , there is a lot of pressure by , the lubrication for cone crusher has an extremely important influence.

No winter with low oil lubricants, oil more dilute , in the case of low temperature fluidity can guarantee that if you use a high number of lubricating oil , oil thicker , mobility is not good, if the room is not heating and oil I heat device, the pump station will simply not work.
Summer will require higher oil numbers, relatively thick oily lubricants point . As the warmer weather , the indoor temperature is high , so some of the oil on the thick thinning , as long as you can to ensure the mobility of the oil . If you use a lower oil No. summer , I’m afraid the lubricating effect is not ideal, will appear on the phenomenon of oil lubrication points have not formed a film to go on stream soon . One is wasteful and prone to various lubrication fever phenomenon , and second, does not meet the civilized production prone to leakage of oil.
So winter in the second quarter numbers selected lubricating oil is not the same , the concentrator in the selection and use of lubricating oils number to be determined in accordance with the climatic conditions of the region and the actual production experience. Experts recommend : winter on the 20th or the 30th machine oil . General mechanical oil temperature can be 40 , No. 50 machine oil can be used in summer . In the cold winter use lubricants on the 10th or the 15th mechanical oil pumps work and to meet the normal cycle .

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