Fly Ash Recycling Machinery

Fly ash is one of the residues generated in combustion, and comprises the fine particles that rise with the flue gases. Ash which does not rise is termed bottom ash. In an industrial context, fly ash usually refers to ash produced during combustion of coal. Currently, the market prospect of fly ash recycling is very inspiring. The recycling of fly ash has become an increasing concern in recent years due to increasing landfill costs and current interest in sustainable development. As of 2005, U.S. coal-fired power plants reported producing 71.1 million tons of fly ash, of which 29.1 million tons were reused in various applications. The ways of fly ash utilization include concrete production, cement clinkers production, road subbase construction, soil amendment, fertilizer, cattle feeders, soil stabilization in stock feed yards, and agricultural stakes. Nowadays, main types of fly ash recycling machinery include the fly ash crushing machine and grinding machine.

Fly Ash Crushing Machine

Typically, recycling fly ash needs to reduce its size, therefore, a series of mining equipment are needed to deal with fly ash. For example, the crushing process of fly ash is consisted of primary crushing and secondary crushing stage. Typically, jaw crusher is used in the primary crushing stage, and the impact crusher is used in the secondary crushing process. Usually, according to the quarry conditions, mobile crushers are also used in the fly ash quarrying. After the two stages of fly ash crushing, large fly ash whose diameter is approximately 1.5 meters has changed into fly ash particle, and the size of fly ash particles can achieve to 25mm or less. As for the selection of fly ash crushing plants, SBM specialists suggest using the PE series jaw crusher and PFW series impact crusher, which features high efficiency, high capacity, reliable performance and low operation cost.

Fly Ash Grinding Machine

After the crushing process, fly ash particles should be further grinded into powder size. Of course, this process is realized by grinding machine. In the fly ash recycling industry, fly ash grinding machine refers to the grinding mill used to produce fly ash powder. Typically, the LM series vertical mill is used as the fly ash grinding machine. Vertical mill uses large-scale roll system to grind high-volume materials. Compared with ordinary mill, its strength lies in large-scale equipment and operating automation. The output capacity of the usual vertical mills can be up to 100-500 tons per hour or more. The rollers of the Vertical mills are controlled by a special hydraulic system so the operation is flexible and convenient and the repair and maintenance is very easy. At present in the domestic market, vertical mill has been far ahead of many other grinding mills and Raymond mill equipment in a varied grinding processes because of its comprehensive performance of high-yield and reliable operation.

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