Function of Four Roll Coal Crusher

Four roll coal crusher: raw supplies, secondary raw components and by-products including sinter, coal, soft and medium-hard rock, fertilizers or salt. Smooth roll crusher: in particular for coke breeze / anthracite in sinter plants, oil shale and ash.

The crushing rolls are individually driven in counter rotation by ample drive arrangements. The crushing material is fed in to the machine by conveyors or comparable systems when it is actually spread more than the whole width of your roll. This is essential to reach an optimum use on the crushing tools, a minimum of put on plus a uniform final grain size distribution. Parameters like roll diameter, tooth form or circumferential speed are meticulously adjusted for the characteristics with the feed material in relation to the necessary item specifications.

To influence the final grain size with the item, among the four crushing rolls is created to move freely. The adjustment is done hydraulically with an integrated automatic horizontal overload protection. As an option, the technique is often provided with a totally automatic, remote controlled exact gap measurement program. The hydraulic horizontal adjustment consists of two hydraulic differential cylinders along with the corresponding hydraulic aggregates.


  • The four crushing rolls consist with the roller bodies, equipped with crushing rings or crushing shells;
  • The rolls are secured either with anchor bolts and end disks, or bolted with screws;
  • In order to facilitate upkeep, the shafts are arranged in heavy-duty cast steel housing;
  • To shorten the upkeep time and raise the productivity in cases of put on, SBM supplies the smooth roll crusher with an onside roll turning lathe method.

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