Gypsum Powder Machinery

The raw material gypsum is sorted and washed with water for removal of sand and other impurities. The lumps thus obtained are then dried and powdered in pulverizer or gypsum powder machinery. The dried gypsum powder is calcined in a rotary drum calciner.

The process of calcination is processed over a period of about 2 hours, by carefully controlling the temperature so that one and half molecules of water are removed to convert the gypsum into plaster of Paris.

After cooling the product is further pulverized to a fineness of 150 Mesh and packed in air tight polythene lined gunny bags to avoid the materials from absorption of moisture.

Gypsum Powder Machinery Features

  • The unique patented shaft sealing technology ensures no leakage of lubrication oil.
  • Easy control of granularity, high quality fine particle size.
  • No retention dead corner, no material overheating.
  • Less dust, no vibration, low noise.
  • High efficiency, energy saving, large production capacity.
  • Attractive appearance, easy to clean.

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