How To Determine The Number Of Ball

In general, the number of ball has a certain influence on the ball mill efficiency, low ball mill ore less efficient; excessive amount of ball when running the ball and prone to interference inner, destroyed the normal circulation of the ball, grinding efficiency should be reduced.

Practice has proved that: the amount of ball transfer rates much concerned with the grinding machine. When the mill speed can be loaded more than some low ball, when the speed is high, the amount may be less ball.

Medium filling rate ψ be a direct reflection of how much the amount of ball. When the transfer rate (ie, operating speed) is the critical speed of 80-85%, the filling rate ψ take 40-50% is appropriate. High speed grinding that speed was 100-120% critical number of revolutions, taking about 35% filling rate.

For lattice-type ball mill: filling rate ψ = 40-45%

For the overflow-type ball mill: filling rate ψ = 35-40%

In short, on-site production filling rate should be determined according to the situation of ore and product requirements.

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