How To Improve The Stone Crusher Production Capacity

Stone crusher is widely used in many fields mines, roads, railways , building materials , water conservancy and chemistry , and factors affecting its production capacity not only external factors , there are also factors that broken equipment itself . Including hardness of materials , humidity of materials, the composition of the material , the material viscosity and the broken pieces of their broken equipment .

  • Hardness of materials : understand some people should be familiar with industry knowledge , crushing the harder material , the more easily broken , not only do not increase production , but also for wearing parts damaged equipment is very large . So, the hardness of materials, we have to pay attention .
  • Humidity materials : interpretation and hardness humidity is the same , the more moisture great material , the more difficult broken, water and more likely to cause blockage , crushing capacity is also greatly reduced.
  • Composition of materials : Before crushing, if the material contains too much impurity powder, it needs to be a screening because powder is easy adhesion affects broken.
  • The viscosity of the material : the greater the viscosity of the material , the more difficult broken up, easy to stick to the equipment , the impact crusher .

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