Jaw Crusher Maintenance And Repair

The main contents and minor repair: Inspection and repair of the adjustment device, adjusting discharge gap; replacement of a backing plate, a thrust plate worn; repair and replacement transmission parts; individual parts cleaning crusher; lubricating oil replacement repair and adjust the lubrication system. The general half a month or once a month, according to the specific circumstances to determine.

The main content of repair: includes all the work content and minor repair. Replacement of worn bushing, rod, plate, thrust plate; inspection, turning, grinding and casting the eccentric shaft bearing, connecting rod bearing and the movable jaw bearing etc.. Two maintenance intervals, depending on the main bearing, connecting rod bearing and the movable jaw bearing wear, usually once a year.
The main contents of overhaul repair the whole work. Replacement and turning the eccentric shaft and the movable jaw mandrel; Babbitt alloy casting rod head upper; replacement and restoration of all wear parts and components; and technical innovation on the crusher equipment calibration. Two overhaul interval of time, mainly depends on the eccentric shaft and a movable jaw mandrel wear, usually for four years at a time.

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