Lead Ore Mining Process

With low melting temperature and extreme malleability, lead is easy to cast, shape and join. Besides this, lead is slow to corrode and there are many examples of lead articles which have lasted for centuries. Lead is relatively abundant. Lead concentrates can be easily extracted from the ore and winning the metal from the concentrate does not need much energy.

This reflects also in a fairly low price compared with other non-ferrous metals. Lead can be recycled as a secondary raw material from lead-acid batteries, from metallic scrap and from several composite consumer products in conjunction with existing recycling loops, for example for steel, zinc and copper, at moderate costs.

Mexico lead ore mining process

During Mexico lead ore mining process, the first thing needs to do is to extract the raw materials from mine. The extracted materials will be taken into jaw crusher for the primary crushing through vibrating screen. In jaw crusher the big block materials will be crushed into coarse size.

The coarse ones will be sent into cone crusher or impact crusher for the further crushing in secondary section. Then through belt conveyor, the materials are brought into the flotation machine. According to the characteristics of the materials, the related chemical medicines are added into the flotation machine to separate the impurities. After the chemical reaction, the materials are taken into the concentrator which the desired lead ore can get.

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