Limestone Quarry Equipment

The limestone deposits need to be processed by limestone quarry equipment. Limestone is widely applied as a building material. Lime or quicklime is a by-product of limestone, and is produced by burning limestone, wood, and coal in lime kilns. And then big massive of white powdery material will be grinded to a fine powder.

Lime has many applications. It is spread on acidic soil to neutralize it. It is used to hold the materials in cement mortar and plaster together and to make whitewash. Limestone with less superior quality of lime content can be crushed for building roads, constructing buildings, and for railroad ties ballast.

Limestone Quarrying Process

Limestone quarrying is a complex process, there are many limestone quarry equipment involved. The first step in quarrying is to gain access to the limestone deposit. This is processed by removing the overburden materials on the surface of the deposits. The overburden is then delivered to onsite storage for potential use in later reclamation of the site.

Quarrying operations typically include drilling and cutting the stone out of the deposit, or by splitting the stone using hydraulic splitters. Once the limestone bench is cut or split loose from the deposit, heavy equipment is used to lift the limestone bench and deliver it for grading, temporary storage, occasional preprocessing into slabs, and eventual shipment from the site.

Limestone of low quality or size will be crushed for use in paving and construction applications, or stored for future site reclamation activities.

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