Marble Grinding Machinery For Sale

Marble production line mainly process marble used in paper making industry and consumer products. Marble crusher is the key equipment in this processing line, because marble crusher decides the size of the final products. Usually, if you want marble powder, marble grinding machine will helps to you get the right marble products. Different industries have different requirement to the size, shape of the marble and design plan of marble production line is needed.

Marble Grinding Mills For Sale

Marble grinding machine, hammer mill, draught fan, powder classifier and Cyclone powder collector make up the complete marble powder production line. The finished size is 0.125 mm, 0.075mm, 0.044mm. The capacity can be 2 t/h – 5 t/h. The ultrafine pulverizer machine can produce marble powder with 325-3000 mesh size. SBM Company stone powder pulverizing plant can also be used for kaolin, sulfur, fuller’s earth, and strontium, crude barite, hydraulic lime, and bentonite grinding.

Grinding Mill Advantanges

  • High quality. With the excellent structure our experts designed, Shanghai SBM marble crusher and marble grinding machine has better quality and higher capacity than other marble mining equipment.
  • Excellent final product shape. Shanghai SBM marble crusher can process the marble stone with cubical shape and less foliated structure.
  • Great reliability. All our marble crusher and grinding machine are equipped with self-protecting device.
  • Widely applied. Shanghai SBM marble crusher and marble grinding machine can be widely used in any industry that need stone crushing and grinding.

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