Marble Processing Plant

Marble processing is prosperous since its wide usage in construction industry. Due to modern architectural designs, use of marble steps, strips, tiles and slabs in the construction industry of the province is increasing; additionally there is huge demand in other parts of the country.

Marble Powder Machine

Marble dust has various industrial uses including agricultural soil amendment, manufacture of cement, filler in the manufacture of various types of paper, paint, and polypropylene, production of soda, blast furnace flux, acid neutralizer for industrial effluents and for heavy metal sorption, flue gas desulphuration in electric power stations, manufacture of lime, resin conglomerates for flooring and coatings in the building industry, a multitude of chemical applications etc.

There are many types of marble processing plant and marble powder machine, such as ball mill, high pressure mill, ultrafine mill, coarse powder mill, trapezium mill etc. SBM provides various marble powder machines to produce different particle sizes for industrial applications.

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