Mini Cement Processing Plant

Cement is a bonding agent for materials. It is a finely powdered substance, which possesses strong adhesive powder when combined with water. When making concrete, cement is mixed with sand or other fine and coarse aggregates to be used for construction use. Nowadays, in India, due to lack of funds, cement producers prefer the mini cement processing plant, or small scale cement processing system.

Flowchart of Mini Cement Processing Plant

The technology of cement production involves several unit operations, and are complex to enumerate. However, in India, mini cement processing plant is as follows:

Preparation of raw mix

  • Quarrying, crushing and transportation
  • Proportioning of the ingredients
  • Grinding of raw mix

Calcinations and storage

  • Homogenizing of raw mix
  • Burning of raw mix in vertical shaft kiln and storing of clinker

Production of cement

  • Grinding of clinker and gypsum (96/4%)
  • Packing of cement

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