Mobile Belt Conveyor Supplier

Mobile conveyors are developed to connect the primary crushing unit to further processing steps in mine and quarry operations. It is able to follow the primary unit as it moves along the quarry face. The mobile conveyors can be easily moved to a safe distance from the face for blasting. Each conveyor can be moved individually or as a combination of two or three sections by mobile equipment normally present at the quarry.

Portable Conveyor System Operating

The mobility and flexibility of the conveyor system ensure that production is interrupted for as short a time as possible when the conveyors are moved at the face or away for blasting. Replacing dump truck haulage with the conveyor system can achieve very substantial savings in operating costs. Once the material has been crushed, belt conveying is by far the most cost efficient way of transporting the material.

Mobile Belt Conveyor Benefits

SBM has been specialized in mining industry for long history. We provide varous types mining equipment and auxiliary machinery. As a world leading mobile belt conveyor supplier, our conveyor system is specifically designed for application in mobile, semi-mobile mining, quarrying and recycling. It has many unique features compared with traditional stationary conveyors.

  • 1. Direct, mobile material link from primary to secondary stage
  • 2. Replaced heavy dump truck haulage
  • 3. Improves working safety
  • 4. Reduces exhaust emissions

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