Mobile Granite Crusher in Indonesia

Processing and utilization of granite resources is a very common and important in Indonesia. Granite crusher is actually a type of impact power to break the material broken equipment. Supplies into the active area of the plate hammer, by the semi-vertical high-speed impact from the crushed material is continuously thrown around the counter-attack device installed above the rotor, then counterattack liner bounced back for the board hammer region to be countered, the material is crushing cavity repeated broken into modest disaster.

Stone crusher is amongst the most useful crushing machines for rocking creating, building, road building. In accordance with the neighborhood mineral location and various requirements for fine crushing, medium crushing and coarse crushing in Indonesia.

Mobile Granite Crusher in Indonesia

Below, we introduce you our company’s focus on mobile granite crusher. The capacity on the mobile crushing plant for granite is commonly 20-25TPH, which can be extensively used in medium size granite aggregate quarry in Indonesia.

Comparing using the common mobile crushing plant, the efficiency may be prolonged for a minimum of 30%. Our mobile crusher mainly include mobile jaw crusher, mobile crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile combined crushing plant. They are widely used in crushing and water conservancy construction, road and bridge projects and play an important role.

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