Quartz Powder Making Machine

Quartz sand processing is of varying degrees of complexity, and depends on the end use of the sand. It typically requires a high capital investment in plant. Processing is aimed at improving both the physical and chemical properties of the sand to meet user specifications. Typically several grades of sand are produced from one site either by selective extraction and/ or processing. At most operations processing involves washing, attrition scrubbing and size-classification to remove the coarse and very fine fractions and to obtain a clean sand with the desired particle size distribution.

Quartz sand crushing plant is the major processing plant to handle with bulk quartzite rocks. In the quartz sand production line, quartz grain, silica sand, gravel, quartz grits can be produced.

Flow Chart Of Quartz Sand Processing Line

Raw quartzite rock is mined from quarry deposits, and will be fed into primary quartz crusher like jaw crusher for crushing by vibrating feeder, then the crushed quartzite rock will be sent to secondary crushing (cone crusher, impact crusher) via conveyor belt. Then the quartz sand will be sieved by vibrating screen into different grades, the sand meet the demands will be transported to a stockpile, the larger ones will be transferred into VSI crusher(sand making machine) for further processing.

The quartz sand crushing plant manufactured by SBM Company feature high crushing efficiency, low consumption, versatile application for quartzite rock, sandstone, silica sand, feldspar etc. The final size is 0-0.5mm, 0.5-1mm, 1-2mm, 2-4mm,4-8mm, 8-12mm etc.

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