Quartz Production Process

As the common mineral in nature, quartz is the source of many silicon compounds such as silicones, silicon and many other compounds of commercial importance. Quartz in the form of sand is reduced by carbothermic reaction as a first step in these energy-intensive processes.

Owing to its high thermal and chemical stability and abundance, quartz is widely used many large-scale applications related to ceramics, cements, abrasives and foundry materials. It is no doubt that quartz industry has a great market no matter in the current days or in the future.

So quartz processing plant plays important role in the quartz industry. Choosing suitable processing plant is equal to choosing success.

Quartz production process

In the quartz production process, the first step is to extract the raw materials from mine. The extracted materials will be sent into the jaw crusher for the primary crushing through vibrating feeder. In the jaw crusher, the big block quartz is crushed into coarse ones. The coarse materials enter into cone crusher or impact crusher for the secondary crushing. During this section, the coarse stones are crushed into fine particles. When the quartz is crushed into fixed size, the fineness is sent on vibrating screen through belt conveyor. With sand washing machine, the quartz fineness is washed, then the desired products will get.

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