Small Roller Crusher Manufacturer

Double Roller Crusher

The roller crusher includes a pair of rollers with cast bosses. One of the shafts can be adjusted, which the other is fixed on the crushing chamber with a flywheel. The space between two rollers is adjustable based on crushing requirement of the particle size. The gear drive and two cardan shafts drive the motor to adjust the gap between the rollers. There are scrapers on the rollers to remove sticky material on the surface.

Single Roller Crusher

The single roller crusher is designed with overload-protected system, by the plate punching system attached to the bearing on the adaptable roller and a motor safety switch. If the iron or very hard is jammed between the rollers, the punching system is turned on to ensure the crusher and feed stop. The frame structure is made up of welded and cast steel parts that are bolted together. The rollers combine grease-lubricated roller bearings. These unique designs make sure the roll crushers reliable to operate and low maintenance.

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