Small Scale Crusher Unit

Small scale crushing is an integral part in stone crushing industry. It makes great constribution to economy development. The technology and equipment for size reduction such as jaw crushers, gyratory crushers, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer mills, and ball mills have been in application for long history. Some are automated and operated by open or closed circuit grinding mode which includes conveyer belts, bucket elevators and screening and classification equipment.

Due to its capital intensiveness, the application of size reduction technology in developing countries has been limited to few players mainly international foreign companies which construct roads, build houses, or operate large-scale mining. SBM provides complete series of small scale crusher unit with low price and high performance for sale all over the world.

Mini Jaw Crusher Plant

A small scale mobile jaw crusher unit with a throughput of 1-1.5 tons of aggregates per hour has been designed. The mini jaw crusher plant is aimed at reducing the drudgery and hardships faced by artisanal miners, mostly women, who spend long hours in quarrying sites excavating and crushing aggregates using manual tools. The aim was to design a low-cost unit powered by bicycle pedals however this objective was defeated by economic constraints like labor cost and product price, as well as, technical limitation of the human physique and stamina to sustain pedaling of heavy inertial flywheels required to overcome the actual load and intermittent shock-loads.

Small Scale Crusher Unit Features

SBM is global supplier and manufacturer of stone crushing plant. We provide complete range of large scale, medium scale and small scale crusher unit for sale. The small scale crusher unite can be widely used to crush many types of stones, such as limestone, granite, dolomite, traprock, sandstone, quartz, quartzite, marble, shell, and slate, talc, barite, coal, gold, iron etc. It has many unique features.

  • compact and robust structure
  • big crushing ratio
  • true mobility and flexibility
  • high capacity and production efficiency
  • low investment cost and reliable after-sale service
  • easy operation and maintenance

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