Stone Powder Used for Concrete

Stone powder produced from stone crushing activities appears as a problem for effective disposal. Sand is a common fine aggregate used in construction industry as a fine aggregate. Stone powder is an excellent replacement for sand, which makes great contribution for solid waste minimization and waste recovery.

According to the compressive strength, concrete can be classified as follows: concrete having cube compressive strength at 28 days up to 15Mpa is low grade concrete, between 16 to 50Mpa is medium grade, between 51 to 10Mpa is high grade and beyond 100Mpa is ultra-high strength concrete.

Stone Powder Machine Features

Stone powder machine has shown excellent performance in powder processing, it produce even and fine particle size for various construction applications. Here are some unique features of SBM stone powder grinding equipment.

  • Thoroughly solving the tough problem of material contaminated by the debris of worn sieve mesh in a pendulum-type granulating machine.
  • The unique patented shaft sealing technology ensures no leakage of lubrication oil.
  • Easy control of granularity.
  • No retention dead corner, no material overheating.
  • Less dust, no vibration, low noise.
  • High efficiency, energy saving, large production capacity.
  • Attractive appearance, easy to clean.

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