The Price Of 50TPH Sand Making Production Line

The production capacity of 50 tons per hour, basically every kind of sand-making equipment can meet the standard, mainly divided into fixed and mobile collocation.

Fixed Collocation

Larger size of stone, need to undergo a series of coarse, medium and fine crushing treatment. The general combination schemes for sand production are as follows:

  • Jaw crusher + impact crusher + sand making machine  and other feeding, screening, conveying equipment;
  • Hammer crusher + feeding, conveying and screening equipment;

Small size, no need for crushed stone, the general combination of sand making schemes will be relatively simple, usually there are:

  • Sand making machine directly;
  • After simple impact crusher treatment, it enters the sand making machine for further sand making and shaping treatment.

Of course, no matter which scheme is based on rationality, only more suitable for users can bring its greater value into play. If wet sand making is selected, sand washing machine can be installed after sand making machine to clean and remove impurities from finished stone.

Mobile Sand-making Equipment

Mobile sand-making is a relatively simple process, which can simplify the operation process. A machine is basically equivalent to a complete sand-making production line, and has low investment and high income. It is very good. Commonly used mobile sand-making equipment with 50 tons per hour are:

Mobile jaw crusher; mobile jaw crusher + Mobile impact combined operation; mobile sand machine and other different schemes.

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