Used Cone Crusher for Sale in Philippines

It is setting the industry standard for high production of first-class quality end products. The new and used cone crusher for sale in Philippines is known as a reliable, easy-to-maintain machine and is the backbone of thousands of quarries and mines around the world. SBM has industry-leading technology backed with the global aftermarket support organization you can trust.

Cone crusher in Philippines

SBM new and used cone crusher, the new generation HP automation system will help you to take your HP cone performance even one step higher in Philippines. It will ensure optimum operating parameters to make sure that you utilize full potential of your HP cone. The cone crusher monitors cone lubrication(oil flow and temperature) making sure that the crusher is always running under ideal conditions.

Cone crusher is designed to be as easy and simple to use as possible. It has a built-in help screen and trouble-shooting options. It is a small package with decades of experience built-in it to help you get to the next level. Our cone crusher in Philippines has the basic and the advanced type. Here is the detailed information of SBM new and used cone crusher.

Cone crusher basic

Cone crusher basic controls HP crusher lubrication and monitors crusher operation, ensuring that crusher is operating within design limits. It includes an easy user interface with automatic one-button start and stop sequences. It makes sure your investment is protected with a simple, easy-to-use automation package which ensures that the crusher is operating within the design limits with ideal bearing lubrication.

The advanced one

In addition to features included with Basic version, SBM advanced cone crusher offers your multiple ways to control your crushing process. It has several crusher setting control modes to ensure that the crusher is always operating with the right setting. The advanced one includes several different feeder control options to make sure that the HP cone is always ideally choke fed. It has collects trend data from key parameters of the crusher for later analysis of performance and utilization. The advanced cone crusher is easy to connect to upper plant level automation systems and it can be used as an integrated part of the plant level automation system.

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